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Marketing in the tourist industry

Written ads are vital in the tourist industry. By sheer sensory overload in the media, consumers have stopped paying attention to ads.

Direct marketing has the clear advantage of individually addressing the consumer.

Tourist operators try to engage with their consumers In order to find out their personal interests. They can then use their gained insights for an individual, timely and recurrent address. This way consumers obtain exactly the type of information they are looking for.

Diwenet’s tourism experts. Using their services has led to numerous successful marketing measures put into action. In Germany and its neighbouring countries. As addressed mailings, door drops and special door drops, as ads or supplements in newspapers and magazines. We use the entire range of 1 to 1 communications.

A special feature is the production of co-mailings. With co-mailings, the cost of developing, producing, addresses and distributing are shared across all participants. The total amount of the savings impacts the cost per contact which is extremely low in co-mailings. On average, costs are approx. only 10% of a regular mailing to the same target audience. In other words: The budget used for a co-mailing only reaches 10% of the target group in a regular mailing. And the benefits are: Response rates are comparable.

Several successful co-mailings were used for tourist operators in Austria and Switzerland. Grouped into individual topics, the majority of our target audience was carefully chosen from Germany, but also from the Netherlands and Czech Republic. Every spring and late autumn, tourist operators and hotels had a platform to provide their tailored offers to an audience who enjoys travelling.

This also includes special offers such as successful marketing campaigns for spa trips.

Our latest project currently in distribution advertises Winter Holidays in Austria. In this campaign, we are particularly happy with the linking of various response options such as the typical postage-free response card and a special landing page of a newly set up website.