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Market entry consultancy Germany: Our sophisticated services for your entry in the German market

With a wide range of reliable services, we support your market entry in Germany. From organizing a "virtual" location until arranging of the shipment of your goods to German customers.

For further information, please go to the key words below and drill down into the details.

  • Organisation of your virtual location in Germany

    Germany is the most important market abroad for many companies. Companies don’t always manage their business only from their HQ at home but also like to have an office in Germany. Diwenet offers the opportunity to set up a virtual location in Germany instead of an actual office reducing costs while still being available to the German end customer locally.

  • Physical address of your German branch

    Diwenet offers the opportunity to set up a physical address (post box or postal address) in the centre of Germany.

  • Availability by phone

    Your customers can reach your service unit run by Diwenet by phone during usual office hours. Outside of office hours, calls will be recorded by voicemail and answered the following day.

  • Order taking, customer service, hotline

    Our qualified teams offer consulting services by phone where required: Be it hotline services, requests for further information or processing of orders.
    If required, we also offer these services outside of the usual office hours (important for customers with target groups in the private sector).

  • Support for transitioning from virtual to physical location

    Once you have established your business and you look to transition the virtual to a physical office, Diwenet will continue to provide support. Your previous virtual office experience will be very beneficial during this transition.

  • Support for choosing the location

    There are many criteria influencing the choice of the “right” company location. Every client has different priorities. With the detailed briefing of the client in mind, Diwenet proceeds to suggest ideas for the optimal location. Across Germany. And we also support the opening of the chosen business location.

  • Support for choosing staff (cooperation with a network of recruitment consultants)

    Our own very specific expertise (e.g. where to find an array of motivated staff - perhaps due to recent redundancy in a competing company, or due to financial support granted for new hires) is complemented by close networking with an effective team of successful recruitment consultants. For most industries there are specialised recruiters who can help with their extensive knowledge.

  • Consulting services for efficient and successful advertisement and go-to-market strategies

    Many of our clients run successful businesses in their home country. Direct marketing experts know of the difficulties and efforts involved in winning new customers within their local market and more importantly to retain them. How much more difficult must it be in the less familiar markets abroad? The first step in our cooperation is to analyse the business and provide consultancy. Once Diwenet has visibility of the company’s goals, we create go-to-market concepts for the cost-effective acquisition of new customers and their retention.

  • Providing basic information about the target market Germany

    Benefit from our local knowledge in Germany. We provide you with critical information, e.g.:

    What’s the size of the market?

    What are the most accepted payment options?

    What types of ads are popular in Germany?

  • Tailoring advertising materials, developing advertising materials with guaranteed strong response

    Many of our clients intend to sell products through their mailings, supplements and ads. Not only to achieve a certain image and popularity but also to directly sell to customers. Our writers and graphic designers use the appropriate address and format and equip our customers with advertising materials that sell.

  • Customising promotional texts and websites

    There are regional variances in Germany. Each region is unique. The variances are even greater when crossing country borders. In Germany you call a chair “Stuhl” and a hospital “Krankenhaus”, while in Austria it’s “Sessel” and “Spital”. We therefore revise our clients’ advertising media and tailor the language to our target group and market.

  • Customising images in marketing materials

    A picture is worth a thousand words - we therefore pay special attention to images in ads and ensure our customers’ materials are tailored to the specifics of the German market. If e.g. a client from the UK attaches great importance to a local look and feel and wants to present themselves as a German company then any vehicles used in their ads should be left-hand driven.

  • Adjusting format and weight for optimal use of the local postal services

    Requirements of local postal services vary from country to country. Deutsche Post bases its price structure for the most important marketing mailings on a combination of fee by item and by weight. The item fee varies depending on the mailing format. Mailings developed by Diwenet account for the specifics and requirements of Deutsche Post. If a customer plans to use a mailing in Germany that was previously a success back at home it makes sense to tailor the mailing to the specific requirements of the German postal service provider in order to save on postage.

  • Choosing the most suitable postal provider for your requirements, engaging with Deutsche Post AG and private service providers

    Klaus Piske worked for nearly 10 years in an executive position with Deutsche Post. He is familiar with all nuances of the service range. He therefore knows exactly when to choose Deutsche Post as the distribution partner. And he also knows when it is preferable to choose a competitor of Deutsche Post instead. Diwenet’s experts guide their customers towards the most cost-effective and best delivery service on the German market. Diwenet closely networks with international delivery partners and offers cost-effective solutions across Europe.

  • Customer hotline for requests and order taking

    There are plenty of hotline providers on the German market. Diwenet’s network however consists exclusively of partners who distinguish themselves by their knowledge, expertise and high service quality. Even in stressful situations the long-standing staff of the hotline remain friendly and polite. By providing solutions, they also ensure that the customer leaves with a lasting positive impression of the call. This is active customer retention.

  • Warehousing, pick & pack and order fulfilment

    These post-purchase activities are often neglected. However logistics and fulfilment as well as distribution by the freight forwarders are not as trivial as they are often considered.

    Diwenet has a network of partners with great storage capacity - with our without specific security equipment. Storing certain products (foods, alcohol, electronics, etc.) comes with specific requirements. We are the right team for it. And we are also ready to deal with seasonal peak times (such as Christmas) without any delays. And the benefits for our clients are: If their business grows we can scale our warehousing facilities, teams, IT equipment accordingly.

  • Invoicing and debt collection

    German consumers prefer to pay by invoice. And most consumers pay their bills within the prescribed period. In our partner network there are flexible debt collection agencies that arrange fast and successful payment of the outstanding amounts. So that our customers are well paid for their good services.