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Postal and distribution consulting

Local postal services have their own specific requirements in every country.

Deutsche Post bases its price structure for the most important marketing mailings on a combination of fee by item and by weight. The item fee varies depending on the mailing format.

Mailings developed by Diwenet account for the specifics and requirements of Deutsche Post. If a customer plans to use a mailing in Germany that was a success previously back at home it makes sense to adjust the mailing to the specific requirements of the German mail service provider.

Klaus Piske has nearly 10 years of work experience in an executive position with Deutsche Post. He is familiar with all nuances of the service range. He therefore knows exactly when to choose Deutsche Post as the distribution partner. And he also knows when it is preferable to choose a competitor of Deutsche Post instead.

Diwenet’s experts guide their customers towards the most cost-effective and best delivery service on the German market.

Diwenet closely networks with international delivery partners and offers cost-effective solutions across Europe.

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