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Special address pools

Online shops
The online industry is booming! Nearly every German of legal age has shopped online. Online traders themselves are an interesting target group for the advertising industry. List brokers have therefore specialised in sourcing and fine-tuning addresses. Making use of these resources, we can offer almost 100,000 data entries of qualified online shops with verified phone number in many cases.

Raw data (for individual maintenance of your database)

  • Information taken from the trade register (start-ups, changes, deletions), daily updates, all publications. Thousands of events are daily released in the trade register, including the ones for your customers. We provide you with these data entries as often as required by you, be it daily, weekly, monthly. This will enable you to maintain your database proactively as well as to notify newly entered companies about your services and products.
  • New companies: Details become available shortly after their inclusion in public sources for the first time, no entries from the trade register but rather smaller companies without legal status. If required, we source them individually from your sales territory.
  • Insolvency data (companies and individuals), daily updates, all publications. On a daily basis, thousands of companies and individuals declare insolvency. We provide you with such insolvency data as often as required by you, be it daily, weekly, monthly. So you can proactively maintain your database.
  • Database of deceased people (approx. 15,000 new entries monthly, and currently approx. 400,000 historical data entries available).

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