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Klaus Piske

Klaus Piske - Diwenet Dialogmarketing GmbH

About us

Diwenet Dialogmarketing GmbH was set up in February 2009 with Klaus Piske as the managing director and sole proprietor.

Klaus Piske has been successfully working in direct marketing for many years. At AZ Direct (Bertelsmann), he looked after the business stream of international addresses for 17 years, and in addition he was the chairman of BLE (Business Lists Europe), an association of European list brokers.

Between 1999 and 2009, Klaus managed the Competence Center Direktmarketing of Deutsche Post.

During this time his focus was on the efficient implementation of successful marketing campaigns for European-wide companies.

So the next logical step in his career progression was then to set up his own business which he did with Diwenet Dialogmarketing GmbH.